Condominium Documents

All land parcels which are part of a condominium association are described by condominium documents, accompanied by a deed, condominium unit plan, and a Master Deed governed by M.G.L. Chapter 183a, Section 4 which is recorded at the Registry of Deeds in each properties representative County within the Commonwealth of Massachusetts.

Condominium documents describe the specific unit within the Condominium Association, uses, common areas, easements, and restrictions within complex itself.

Plans for a condominium complex are usually prepared in the form of a Condominium Unit Plan, Master Plan, and Exclusive Use Plans.

In some cases Condominium Phasing Plans are prepared to identify the phases on development of a condominium complex.

Documents are prepared and stamped by a land surveyors registered licensed in the Commonwealth of Massachusetts, architect, and attorney. Understanding the uses and restrictions of a Condominium Association determines the land value.