About Us

Matt Hamor

Chief Executive Officer, Co-Founder

Matt Hamor, CEO of LandCert, LLC, has been an active permitting specialist for over 20 years, specializing in residential, industrial and commercial markets within the metropolitan Boston area working for numerous engineering and surveying firms.

The concept of LandCert was developed while researching properties for real estate professionals who had difficulty conducting simple due-diligence on there own which was primarily based on not having a research tool to assist there needs. I realized that I could create a research platform that would not only assist my efforts for researching properties, but also assist developers, lawyers, architects, and realtors to conduct there own in a common environment. My goal was to create a simple to use research platform to expose property features which would assist real estate professionals to properly assess real estate.

In 2008, he co-founded LandCert, LLC, to provide a research platform to assist real estate professions in utilizing mapping, research tools and reports to evaluate land.

Since the company’s inception, Matt has been expanding product development of our research platform to provide an effective process of land evaluation to service law firms, property managers, developers, architects, engineers and real estate professionals. Knowing that the regulatory process is continuously changing effects all aspects of the real estate process, drives my desire to continuously provide updates to the LandCert platform.

Prior to forming LandCert, LLC, Matt was President of Polaris Engineering Corporation and Associate Partner with Hancock Associates operating in Massachusetts and New Hampshire with offices out of the Chelmsford, Massachusetts area.

A graduate of Wentworth Institute, Matt holds a B.S. in Civil Engineering Technology, and an A.S. in Building Construction.


Deborah Kindlund

Chief Financial Officer, Co-Founder

Deborah Kindlund, CFO of LandCert, LLC, has managed financial operations for over 7 years, specializing in company formation, and day to day operations in the real estate industry. In 2008, she co-founded LandCert, LLC, in an effort to provide a comprehensive research platform to evaluate land.

Since the company’s inception, Deborah has been facilitating all company financial operations for product and business development.

Prior to forming LandCert, LLC, Deborah was CFO of Polaris Engineering Corporation.

A graduate of University of Massachusetts, Amherst, Deborah holds a BBA in Finance.